[Marxism] Discussing China, and the national question (was: Re: white chauvinism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jun 18 13:56:37 MDT 2004

LouPaulsen wrote:
> However, I can tell you right now that saying that WWP "doesn't think there
> is a qualitative difference between China and Cuba" seriously oversimplifies
> our position. 

I was using the term qualitative in the strict dialectical sense, like 
quantity turning into quality. There is a qualitative difference between 
North and South Korea. There is also a qualitative difference between 
China and Cuba. The ruling class of the USA sees China as having the 
same class character as its own society--that's what the Heritage 
Foundation report amounts to.

> society.  If you want to point out that the Chinese state has created a
> Chinese bourgeoisie, of course it has.  If you want to contend that this
> Chinese bourgeoisie has created a Chinese bourgeois state, that's another
> matter.

Yes I do. That's a debate that would be useful to the list, not whether 
or not I have racist attitudes.

> And you disagree with this "atrocious" point how exactly?

I disagree with the way in which she made China look less corrupt than 
the USA. In fact, there is *more corruption* in China than the USA. You 
are dealing with a ruling class that has no sense of 'noblesse oblige'.


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