[Marxism] Direction of China

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Fri Jun 18 15:40:07 MDT 2004

Louis wrote:
>In the 1950s, when I was young, there was true hysteria about China.
Today there is none. Columbia University has a slew of Chinese rich kids

studying for MBA's. Times change.

I currently teach Foundation Studies, which involves preparatory courses
for students from overseas, mainly China, who wish to go to NZ

About 90 percent of my students are Chinese and none of them evinces any
kind of socialist consciousness.  They are into consumerism and futures
of making money, getting (or inheriting) businesses and so on.  They are
just the same as the kids I have from Japan, except more consciously
capitalistic (because capitalism is still new in China).


Response Jim C: Maybe there is some biased sampling going on here. I
have had and have a number of students from the PRC whom I find to be
highly energetic, disciplined, very cautious in speech but clearly very
aware of global events, very well trained in Mao-Zedong and classical
Marxist-Leninist thought, very aware of Chinese classics such as "The
Three Kingdoms" and Sun-Tzu-Ping-Fa, not particularly enamored with
western bourgeois "culture" and many are desirous of returning to build
a new China and not wanting to stay here. This of course does not apply
to all but does apply to many. Further, I find that when they come to
trust a "westerner" (even American Indians are seen as "westerners")
they are more forthright and very clear-headed about the potential
pitfalls and dangers of western capitalism and culture being introduced
into China vis-a-vis Chinese development, independence, sovereignty,
socialist construction and culture.

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