[Marxism] RE: Discussing China and the National Question

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Sat Jun 19 07:08:04 MDT 2004


This is snipped from the irish paper 'The Plough' which Danielle posts to 
the list. Thought it was pertinent.

People are accustomed to hear that "socialism is impossible" or that
"socialism doesn't work". The London Guardian recently carried (27
May 2004) an extraordinary article entitled: "Chinese Lesson in How
to Put Food in the Mouths of Millions: World Applause for Beijing's
Record Achievement in Creating and Spreading Wealth". Since 1978,
Socialist China has accounted for three quarters of all the people in
the world lifted out of abject poverty. According to the World Bank,
the number of Chinese people subsisting on a dollar or less a day
(the World Bank's definition of poverty) has dropped from 49 percent
of the population (490 million in 1981) to 6.9 percent (88 million in
2002). Average life expectancy has increased from 35 years in 1949 to
71.4 years today. From 1978 to today, the country's GDP has increased
more than eightfold (from 362.4 billion dollars to 11.9 trillion
dollars) and it is expected to double again in the next ten years.
For more information, visit the following UN link:

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