[Marxism] Re: Discussing China and the National Question

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Jun 19 08:10:58 MDT 2004

Louis, thanks for posting the article from the China Study Group. The web site, 
which could generally be described as 'socialistic, friendly toward the PRC', 
has many fascinating articles. This one in particular, by the offical, gov't 
sanctioned China Federation of Trade Unions Vice-Chairman is particularly 


He states that close to a half of all workers in China now work for private 
enterprise...over 100 million! He defends the "Iron Rice Bowl" criticizing 
those that attack it.

I read the other artilce that was posted from the UN site. My "impression" is 
that this particular UN site is a cheerleading site for the PRC and the 
policies of the gov't. It claims "offical poverty", for example at only 
("only?") 88 million. Yet, the Gov't also states, on other sites, that there 
are over 150 million uprooted migrant workers that have not found full time 
work...yet the difference, 60+ million are not out of poverty? People who are 
better than I on sifting through contridictory statistics ought to study this 
and get back with us.

When I was in China in 2002, labor activists scoffed at the idea of 
an 'increasing' standard of living. That not even the gov't knows the full 
extent of the disaster facing the indusrial proletariat there as just about 
everything has been cut back. For example, workers from Canton stated that 
while they experience periodic wage increases, subsidies on just about 
everything else have disappeared...from China's once vaunted health care to 
food packages to schooling for children. Thus, the gov't gives with one hand 
but takes away from the other...and these were all state-employees, not workers 
in private firms.


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