[Marxism] Discussing China

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jun 19 10:55:17 MDT 2004

LouPaulsen wrote:
> But, one way or another, the class struggle within China, between the new
> proletariat and the new bourgeoisie, is bound to escalate.  The CCP has not
> thus far positioned itself as the ally of the proletariat in that struggle.

A most felicitous expression.

> This opens the door for imperialist stooges (media, NGOs, State Dept., etc.)
> to position themselves as the allies of the proletariat.

So if the working class organizes a general strike to defend the iron 
rice bowl and Human Rights Watch endorses it, you'll take the side of 
the government if it decides to smash the strike? I wouldn't be so 
tempted to draw analogies with Yugoslavia as you appear to be doing. The 
Chinese government, unlike the forces opposed to Milosevic, are after 
all the ones who are driving the privatization process forward.

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