[Marxism] Frozen Gringos The Day After Tomorrow: Don't Go There

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Sat Jun 19 15:36:38 MDT 2004


June 19 / 20, 2004
Frozen Gringos
The Day After Tomorrow: Don't Go There


The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" is the single most moronic film I've 
seen since "Bill and Coo," an epic I was dragged to as a child, circa 1950. 
Bill and Coo were talking parakeets, The Day After Tomorrow is talking 

The subject is global warming, kind of, which results in an overnight quick 
freeze of the northern hemisphere. As New York City is hit by serial 
tsunamis which overnight turn millions of people to multi-cultural ice 
cubes (all of it reported by the Fox Network whose logo appears constantly 
on screen in all kinds of contexts because Rupert Murdoch owns the Fox 
Network AND the movie) a cast of imbeciles sets out to save us from 
ourselves. But it's too late. The lands of the white man are now subject to 
such severe weather they are rendered uninhabitable. Not that there are 
many whiteys left to inhabit them. If the sudden freezes don't get them, 
the high tides and the tornadoes will. (It occurred to me that The Day 
After Tomorrow will undoubtedly be very popular in the Arab countries.)

The sole opportunity for something interesting to happen in the movie 
occurs near the end when our president freezes to death trying to get out 
of popsicle-ized DC and his successor, made up to resemble Dick Cheney, 
orders Americans to haul ass south for the border. Now if Anderson Valley 
Advertiser or CounterPunch readers had made the film, our fellow citizens, 
upon reaching San Ysidro, would have been turned back by the Mexican Army. 
"Tough tamales, gringos. You bastards think you're going to get into the 
warm weather after what you've done to us all these years?" But in this 
thing, the Mexicans are happy as hell to take on a two hundred and fifty 
million of US as President Cheney advises Americans to hit the road for 
Mexico and points south for "what we used to call the Third World."

Nice bit of straight-up racism in that one, but it's read off without so 
much as a hint of irony. What we used to call the Third World! The gringos 
have arrived so you folks just got promoted to the First World! If you're 
thinking of paying your way into seen "The Day After Tomorrow," you might 
want to think again.


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