[Marxism] Ten Points of Unity

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Sat Jun 19 19:00:40 MDT 2004

 Dear Fellow Marxists,

Herewith something produced in the course of workplace & community struggles
by some friends in Vallejo, who have created a grassroots/rank&file-based
org there. I would like to call your attention to points seven through nine,
which seem to me particularly promising.


An (odd) Marxist fellow,
Sactomato CA:)

                                                     Ten Points of Unity

Economic Democracy: We call for an international democratic economy and
institutions so that the world's community and working people can
democratically control the economy from below. Just as a democratic politics
requires ownership of the body politic by the people, so a democratic
economy requires the ownership of the economy by the people. New democratic
institutions including co-operatives, decentralized public enterprises and
participatory planning processes must be implemented to enable people to
determine the economic decisions that affect our lives.

Community and Working Peoples Self-empowerment: We call for new political
and economic institutions that empower the community and working people to
control the decisions that affect our lives: industrial unions, labor
associations, and Mutual Benefit Associations in addition to citizen and
worker  assemblies that determine political and economic policy from below
through mandated, recallable and rotating representation.

Independent Politics: We believe that the Community-Labor Alliance should
stand completely  independent of and in opposition to the corporate rulers
and their political representatives including the Democratic and Republican

Ecological Sustainability: We call for replacing ecologically destructive
practices with ecologically sustainable ones, including: nuclear and fossil
fuels with safe and renewable energy, incinerators and landfills with waste
reduction, reuse and recycling; toxic materials with safe, biodegradable
materials; chemicalized agriculture with organic agriculture; and resource
depletion with sustainable use.

Peace: We call for massive and immediate cuts in military spending,
conversion to a peace-oriented economy, the destruction of all nuclear and
weapons of mass destruction, an all-sided demilitarization of society, and
international solidarity with all people fighting for economic and political
democracy, peace, justice and the environment.

Self-Defense: We affirm the right of all people to self-defense and work
towards our goals through non-violent means.

Defense of the Bill of Rights and Universal Civil Liberties: We call for the
preservation of the US Bill of Rights and the extension of these and similar
rights developed by and for the communities and working people of the world.

Proportional Representation: The Community-Labor Alliance is built on the
basis of full participation of all people and takes affirmative action to
include members of groups oppressed on the basis of economic status, race,
gender, sexual orientation, physical ability and age in the membership and
in leadership roles in numbers at least proportional to their numbers in the
community. We use systems of proportional representation in the election of
representative, officers and other leadership in order to insure that
political, gender, ethnic, geographical and other diversity in our
organization has its fair share of representation and power.

Democratic Decentralism: The membership decides the policy in our
organization.  The majority has the right to determine organizational
policies. Minorities on any question have the right to abstain from
implementing policies with which they disagree and to express their dissent
publicly.  Only members in leadership roles as officers, staff, candidates
or delegates to larger associations are obligated to implement and
articulate organizational policies so that majority decisions have
organizational effect.

Transitional Demands: We fight for reforms that make oppressed peoples lives
better but reforms alone cannot replace the need for deep systemic change an
d economic democracy. Transitional political and economic demands will be
supported as a means to challenge and replace ruling class power and win
relief for the community and working people. Such demands and actions will
be implemented through support for Industrial Unionism and advocacy for a
new Community-Labor Party.

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