[Marxism] A sense of perspective

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Jun 19 21:06:34 MDT 2004

Like everyone else on this list I was horrified by the 
beheading of the American Paul Marshall Johnson in Saudi 
Arabia and its grisly digital manifestations on the web.

This earned world condemnation and I have no problem with 
that at all.    But the following day this item turns up
"Many Iraqis killed in air raid on Falluja
Twenty-two people have been killed and 20 injured in a US 
raid on a house in Falluja, according to medical sources and 

The USA fired two rockets into the houses and among the 
slaughtered were women and children. Al Jazzera reports that 
General Kimmit said at a press conference

'...there was "significant intelligence" that members of Abu 
Mussab Zarqawi's network were in the house, but there was no 
evidence Zarqawi himself was there.'

The Americans have been well taught by their masters in the 
IDF - experts on the torture and the massacring of Arabs.

I have not waited for world wide condemntatiion of what the 
Americas have done.  Yet it is beyond barabarism and is of 
course a war crime.

I am reminded of the scene in Battle of Algiers where the NLF 
leader replies to the quesiton about the barbarism of putting 
bombs in baskets in restaurants.  He replies that the French 
have bombed Algerian villages from the air.  He then adds 
give us the planes and we will give you the baskets.

A brutal murder of one man in Saudi Arabia draws world wide 
disapproval.  A brutal bombing raid is ignored.  Such is the 
way of the West and the Free World.



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