[Marxism] Turn to industry, US SWP tradition and sectarianism (was Real left unity)

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Sat Jun 19 22:11:57 MDT 2004

Joze and others. Turns to industry are not neccessarily sectarian, 
hamfisted, and maybe impressionistic would be mroe appropriate. The 
turn to industry seems to be more of a 'get-rich-quick' scheme for 
recruits. Which as we all know is bunkum. 
The political roots as I understand was in the US SWP's virtual absence
from working class politics from about 1951 to the 1970s. Like many 
socialist groups the US SWP virtually shut itself in the ivory towers
of the US colleges. It recruited successfully in the vietnam war movement
and realised a crisis in that it had virtually no influence on the US working class
movement. This prompted the turn to industry. Getting college students and
professionals to the factories, building sites and transportation sectors.
this of course was follwed by the US SWP's collapse into a neo-stalinist and
guerilla romanticist organisation, and caused similar upheavals in its 
international co-thinkers.
The results are as follows. The US SWP and its modern day supporters continued with its strategy
and has not acknowledged its mistake. Some such as the SWP (DSP, DSPerspective) in Australia 
for many years acknowledged the mistake but at 
the same time did not acknowledge that such a problem
existed.  The majority
however realised that these organisations were not of this planet and a lot left
politics altogether.
The turn to industry is not a reflection on SWP 'sectarianism' but more of
its inability to genuinely recruit workers.

David Murray
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