[Marxism] dispute over China, white chauvinism

DLVinvest at cs.com DLVinvest at cs.com
Sun Jun 20 01:30:36 MDT 2004

Dear Melvin,

I've only subscribed to the marxmail list for a few weeks, but I understand 
your anger. While we disagree about some things, we share more. I appreciate 
your perspective, your commitment and experience, and your effort to get some 
clarity on how we get to a better future for our kids, our class and humankind. 
So, I hope you'll stay in touch. Besides, I promised you we'd tip a few 
someday; whether in celebration or commiseration I can't predict, so any excuse will 

Your comrade,


Douglas L. Vaughan, Jr.
for Print, Film & Electronic Media
3140 W. 32nd Ave. 
Denver CO 80211

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