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> "Jose G. Perez" wrote:
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> > The problem is that you can ban the *terms* white chauvinism, white
> > supremacist, racism, sexism, etc., from the list, but you cannot ban the
> > things that they refer to from the left, the working class movement and
> > the communist movement, and therefore from finding expression on the
> > list.
> This is a pretty good list of the barriers to class unity. Hence to
> downplay them is in effect to claim that marxists have no interest in
> the unity or levelf of political consciousness of the working class.
> And if, as I would assume, the core duty of marxists is to work for
> growth in working-class unity, it follows that the topics which should
> predominate in our discussion are, precisely, the topics of white
> supremacy, male supremacy, racism, and sexism. (I use the terms of
> "racism" and "sexism" to indicate the ideologies grounded in the
> material realities of white and male supremacy.)
Absolutely, but we should resist those that want to portray issues of
racism, sexism, etc., specifically 'working class' problems - they afflict
all classes in society.  To put the burden simply upon the working classes
is to play into the ruling classes' hands.


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