[Marxism] Re: rumored split in WWP/ANSWER -- FYI only! (it's long...)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jun 20 19:10:32 MDT 2004

Yes, we did not have to re-regurgitate all this anti-WWP/ANSWER
boilerplate on the list.
But several weeks ago, I heard the rumor from (as I recall) a member of
the ISO at a meeting of United for Peace and Justice, where some of us
(including the ISO) were trying to pull the coaltion out of its current
Nothing but Nobody but Bush inactivity and narrowness.  The rumor was
that Brian Becker, La Riva, and other ANSWER activists were out and that
ANSWER and WWP were parting ways.  Nothing about Kerry.  If that part of
the rumor is true, it will have to be laid to the pro-Kerry problems
that are also paralyzing other sectors of the antiwar movement.  
 It is hard to believe that ANSWER would fall for Kerry, given his
record on war matters, but the pressure is on to Stop what some are
calling the "Bush Empire" (I thought it was the US empire  actually, and
not brand new either). Kerry meanwhile proceeds calmly with his
orientation toward escalation of the "war on terrorism" he will inherit
from the currently relatively paralyzed Bush if he wins in November.
In any case, we will not know for sure until all parties concern have
confirmed, denied, and/or explained.  They are not obligated to do so
until they are ready.
Fred Feldman

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