[Marxism] Re rumored split in WWP/ANSWER -- FYI only! (it's long...)

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at comcast.net
Sun Jun 20 20:45:17 MDT 2004

[Originally from Chuck Munson's site, reposted here by DHE]

> Sources tell Infoshop News that there has been a split within the Workers
> World Party (WWP), a New York-based Marxist-Leninist organization that
> initiated and controlled the International A.N.S.W.E.R. anti-war
> The split expelled most of the members of the WWP in the Bay Area
> (California), including long-time WWP leader Gloria LaRiva. The split
> apparently involves disagreement about the direction of the A.N.S.W.E.R.
> coalition, including a move by A.N.S.W.E.R. activists to turn the
> towards more pro-Kerry activism. Signs are pointing to an impending
> between the Workers World Party and A.N.S.W.E.R.

Chuck Munson (Chuck0) has presented some material which, as usual, is highly
inaccurate and displays horrendous political judgment.  For the benefit of
people on this list, here is my personal reply to the points that need

(a) Nobody at all has been expelled from WWP or otherwise induced to leave.

We are of course a voluntary organization and people are free to leave if
they feel like it, and this does happen from time to time, but I do not then
go and gossip about such persons in public or try to explain their motives,
not without a darn good reason anyway.  Especially when we plan to work
together with them in the progressive movement for a long time to come.  We
are trying to promote unity, not unnecessary division.  If people have a
need to know about somebody's party affiliation they should probably
approach that person directly.

(b) There has been no "change of line," toward the anti-war movement or
otherwise, or similar development within WWP that would justify any kind of
"split" on a political basis.

(c) As far as we are concerned, no internal situation within WWP should
spill over into the work of antiwar coalitions that we support or be the
source of any kind of division there, and there is really no reason why that
should be the case.

(d) We in WWP supported ANSWER's actions on June 5, are supporting its June
30 protests and its demonstrations at the conventions, and expect to support
its activities for the foreseeable future.  A glance at our website,
www.workers.org, will make that completely clear.  Any attempt to promote
divisions between WWP and any other individuals or organizations in or
around ANSWER is not going to succeed as far as we are concerned.

(e) For the thousandth time, ANSWER has never been a 'front group' for the
WWP and is not today nor would we have ever wanted it to be.

(f) There has not been the faintest hint of a whisper that I have heard,
directly or indirectly, that anybody in ANSWER wants to turn it in a
"pro-Kerry direction".  A few days ago I got an e-mail from the ordinary
ANSWER mailing list reading in part:

"The third planned step in the Summer of Protest and Resistance is for a
mass mobilization on Sunday, July 25 outside the Democratic National
Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. If elected, Kerry and the Democrats
have pledged to continue the criminal occupation of Iraq and to add tens of
thousands of additional U.S. troops for that purpose."

- - - -

People in the movement other than Chuck0, if he is to be considered to be
"in the movement", are interested in anti-war unity.  People in and around
ANSWER, insofar as I am aware, are interested in continuing with the united
and militant activity that ANSWER has been known for since its formation
after 9/11, in defense of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Haiti, and in
opposition to the government's racism here and to all attacks on the poor
and oppressed.  That is my interest too and the interest of every member of


Lou Paulsen
member, WWP, Chicago

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