[Marxism] Re rumored split in WWP/ANSWER -- FYI only! (it'slong...),

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Sun Jun 20 21:41:02 MDT 2004

  I've know about this for the last few weeks, since I live near SF and 
Richard and Gloria La Riva are based here. Now ex-members of the WWP 
have confirmed that the above mentioned leading activists, along with 
Richard's brother Brian, have 'left' the WWP and taken most of 
California with them. Had this been just 'any' other left group, it 
would be good enough for a few points on Yahoo's Leftist Trainspotting 
list (which it has), but that the WWP is the leading left group in the 
US anti-war movement and had now nearly 25% (more or less) of it's 
membership is very important if it effects the future of ANSWER in 
anyway. I'm sure it's irrelevant why these three leading public members 
of ANSWER (out here the ONLY spokes people for ANSWER) may of left 
[split/forced out/expelled/quit] the political tendency they were 
members of for over 2 decades is important if this means that ANSWER is 
no longer able to be a focal point of the anti-war movement. I hope 
this is not the case.


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