[Marxism] Respect does not exist.

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The subject of this conversation is a peculiar contradiction - as Respect
certainly does exist - even though it was founded only a couple of weeks
before entering the EU elections - during which it was either ignored or
attacked by all the media, just continuing the pillorying of George Galloway
begun by the "New" Labour leadership.

It is much too early to judge the possible future of this new party, but it
is clear that already it is getting substantial support from both older
"lefties" of the labur movement and among youngsters repelled by "New"

I regard it as the most hopeful sign of renewal in British working-class


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>>Instead it substitutes a politics that is both undemocratic and
populist at best. In fact the attempt by Respect to develop links iwth
the so-called Muslim community is openly communalist in nature.<<

Have you any idea how *white* this sounds?


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