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mike pearn neprimerimye at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 21 05:53:29 MDT 2004

Dear Jose,

Frankly I'm appalled at your comment. It is tantamount
to a charge of racism. However I feel that such a
charge is neither true or follows from any sensible
interpretation of my remarks.

The only possible way your remark makes any kind of
sense is if you presume that by refering to a the
"So-called British Muslim Community" I am making a
remark derogatory to Muslims which is then taken as
being in some way racist. This is ofensive nonsense
and suggests to me that you have a problem with middle
class liberal guilt more than anything else.

The fact is that no British Muslim Community exists.
This is simply the idea of the Umma, the community of
all Muslims, translated into English. No wonder really
as the project of political Islam in britain is hardly
the creation of an Islamic state but is the creation
of such a community. A community which they will be
the leaders of. A community that will be domnated by
the clergy and the petty bourgeoisie. And many of the
leadership of the Muslim Association of Britain - the
british wing of the Muslim Bortherhood but a small
grouping despite appearances - are drawn from the
petty bourgeoisie.

As I say no British Muslim community exists. What do
exist are a series of Muslim communities which share
in little but their religion and the racism of british
society. The question is how to break them from the
domination of the petty bourgeois dominated Mosques
and I would suggest that by appealing to them as
Muslims we actually reinforce that domination.
Moreover I owuld suggest that by allying with such
reactionary elements as the MAB the SWP has set back
attempts to develop a socialist current among those
communities which identify with Islam.

"Jose G. Perez" wrote;-Have you any idea how *white*
this sounds?

In reply to the following from Mike Pearn

>>Instead it substitutes a politics that is both
undemocratic and populist at best. In fact the attempt
by Respect to develop links with the so-called Muslim
community is openly communalist in nature.<<

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