[Marxism] Re rumored split in WWP/ANSWER -- FYI only! (it's long...)

Cnyadp at aol.com Cnyadp at aol.com
Mon Jun 21 09:23:51 MDT 2004

Lou Paulsen,

I was trying to put words together to express my  chagrin over the 
postings of one  "ChuckO"  regarding a so-called WWP/ANSWER split.
Thank you for beating me to it and expressing my thoughts better than I ever  

I have known WW for  30 years and ANSWER since it's  formation. I also am 
familiar with the  individuals mentioned in the suspicious posting of one  
"ChuckO."  His/her postings  are  not consistent with the methods of the 
organizations involved nor with the  character of the individuals mentioned. However, 
they are very consistent with 
typical   efforts to create confusion on the left and to spread doubt about 
the direction  and goals of both WWP and ANSWER.                                

I will not speculate about the intent of one "ChuckO"  or his/her  
organizational  connections. List members  can  make those  judgements for themselves. I 
can only repeat the obvious. There are numerous factions and interests (not 
merely on the left) who for whatever reasons would  undermine   the successful 
organizing of WWP over several decades around peace and freedom issues. Those  
same elements hiding under  the cloak of anonymity, are desperate to undercut 
 ANSWER and it's coalition  effort  precisely because of the momentum 
provided to the anti-war   movement by their  activities. 

joe dubovy     

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