[Marxism] White chauvinism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jun 21 09:51:23 MDT 2004

Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> I'd be interested to know what your definition of "sexism" is. Words like
> this can get thrown about quite a bit, including by people who like to
> impose moral straightjackets on others, but their meaning is often either
> obscure, or diversely interpreted, or unargued for.

Unfortunately, this is not so easy to define. When we had a DSA youth 
leader here a while back, this charge was made frequently. She made it 
against the list in general for not taking up women's issues and against 
Melvin in particular for both his politics and the way he expressed 
himself. I try not to police what people write here and hope for the 
best. Email is a much different kind of communication than what exists 
in normal group activity where you get to interact with people in a 
number of different ways. Peer pressure is much easier to implement 
where people have common goals, assumptions and aspirations and you get 
cues from friends and comrades in lots of different ways. In cyberspace, 
it is much more difficult to enforce behavior. In the unmoderated list 
that we are descended from, openly anti-Semitic, sexist and racist 
formulations were commonplace. Although some people are still not happy 
with what they consider backward attitudes or formulations here, we've 
made enormous progress.


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