[Marxism] Sexism (was White Chauvinism)

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Mon Jun 21 11:22:07 MDT 2004

Louis wrote:

... not taking up women's issues and against Melvin in particular for both
his politics and the way he expressed himself.

Personally I think Melvin isn't really sexist, just pursuing Stalin's idea
of "virile communism" (women who are real men) and Lenin's contempt for
"windbags", ignoring any dialectical mediations between them. I would have
thought that most of the issues that get discussed here would be of interest
to many women as well (well, bar some intricate disputes about the merits of
small political groups perhaps). Maybe it's time for a brief reader survey,
that would include lurkers as well :-) Do you want me to draft one up ?


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