Male supremacy and opportunist marxism, was Re: [Marxism] White chauvinism

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Jun 21 12:52:03 MDT 2004

Ian Pace wrote:
> Prejudice on the part of those without power can rarely be compared with
> that exerted in the forms of discrimination and oppression by those who do
> have such power.  That said, the comment you quote (about 'Women can't be
> sexist, because they do not have power') is typical of the narrow thinking
> exercised by those who try to deny any class or racial division amongst
> women.  Lynddie England certainly had power over the Arab prisoners she was
> carrying around naked on a leash.  The Queen has more power than a black man
> in Brixton.

This paragraph manifests _the_ most serious form of sexism (and arrogant
male supremacy) on the left in general and among marxists in particular.

We can quote scripture on the point. Lenin once pointed out that
Anarchism is the penalty the working class pays for its sins of

Opportunist positions such as you express here are the primary source of
the kinds of feminism you are objecting to. Those strains of feminism
are the penalty the working class and marxism pay for their sins of male


P.S. In addition to the texts I suggested in my previous post, an
excellent introduction to the issues raised in this thread can be found
by reading the posts of Yoshie Furuhashi in the 1998 archives of the
marxism-feminism list.

The home page for the marxism-feminism list is:

You might start with posts from Yoshie Furuhashi in July of 1998.

Here is the URL for the first of a thread on July 11, 1998 that lasted
through the summer of that year:

Also of great interest is a series of posts by Martha Gimenez
contrasting "Marxist Feminism" and "Materialist Feminism." The series
touches on a number of fundamental issues:

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