Male supremacy and opportunist marxism, was Re: [Marxism] White chauvinism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jun 21 13:35:48 MDT 2004

Carrol Cox wrote:
> This paragraph manifests _the_ most serious form of sexism (and arrogant
> male supremacy) on the left in general and among marxists in particular.

No it doesn't. I would regard the neglect of poor women by ABB'ers as 
far more serious. You have a situation today in which even feminist 
organizations are backing John Kerry. Many self-described "Marxists" 
urge a vote for him even though he backed Clinton's abolition of aid to 
dependent children. This causes real, material suffering to poor women 
of color--not making an verbal observation that bourgeois women 
frequently have more power than men of color.

> We can quote scripture on the point. Lenin once pointed out that
> Anarchism is the penalty the working class pays for its sins of
> opportunism.

We should get out of the habit of citing scripture here. I do encourage 
you, however, to quote Lenin on lbo-talk since it drives Henwood nuts.

> Opportunist positions such as you express here are the primary source of
> the kinds of feminism you are objecting to. Those strains of feminism
> are the penalty the working class and marxism pay for their sins of male
> supremacy.

This is not so. Our main problem is that the woman's movement has gone 
into a *steep* decline. The reasons for this are myriad and worth 
discussing. Barbara Epstein has written some good stuff on this, 
although most of her other articles are pure drivel.


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