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> Ian Pace wrote:
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> > Prejudice on the part of those without power can rarely be compared with
> > that exerted in the forms of discrimination and oppression by those who
> > have such power.  That said, the comment you quote (about 'Women can't
> > sexist, because they do not have power') is typical of the narrow
> > exercised by those who try to deny any class or racial division amongst
> > women.  Lynddie England certainly had power over the Arab prisoners she
> > carrying around naked on a leash.  The Queen has more power than a black
> > in Brixton.
> This paragraph manifests _the_ most serious form of sexism (and arrogant
> male supremacy) on the left in general and among marxists in particular.

Please elaborate.
> We can quote scripture on the point. Lenin once pointed out that
> Anarchism is the penalty the working class pays for its sins of
> opportunism.

How is this opportunist?  Are you denying that female soldiers fighting for
the most powerful military nation on the world have more power than the
powerless people (male and female) they are fighting?  Or arguing that the
Queen is somehow oppressed?
> Opportunist positions such as you express here are the primary source of
> the kinds of feminism you are objecting to. Those strains of feminism
> are the penalty the working class and marxism pay for their sins of male
> supremacy.
There is plenty of male supremacy in the working class and amongst Marxists,
but an equal if not greater amount so amongst other classes and ideologies.

The sort of feminism I'm objecting to is that which sees rich and privileged
women as being somehow more 'oppressed' than dispossessed, poor,
non-European men (not to mention non-European women) in the third world.
The consequences of such an ideology are plain to see in the American prison
camps in Iraq.  To view gender as somehow transcending class and economics
is farcical.


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