[Marxism] Re: Turn to industry, US SWP tradition and sectarianism

Ben C minnows at connexus.net.au
Mon Jun 21 21:46:55 MDT 2004

Sorry, my last post missed the subject line -- which is necessary for 
all those like me who read the posts on the "latest 100" webpage  
instead of in their email inbox.
The message I posted was:

Dayne Goodwin wrote:
I'm sure you're well aware that the minority tendency in the 1971
SWP convention process, called FAPO - For a Proletarian Orientation, was
protesting against 'the turn to the campus' going so far as to include
pressure being brought to bear on members in trade unions to leave their
current jobs and find a way to get jobs on campuses - pressure up to and
including expulsion in FAPOs view (i.e. auto worker Tom Cagle,sp? as i


Somewhere I have an old pathfinder pamphlet by Tom Cagle "life in an 
auto plant" (I think) which seems to me a good explanation of the 
lifestyle and pace of politics in industrial workplaces, aimed (it would 
appear) at people like student activists leaving campus and looking for 
a place in the "real" world to continue a life of political activism.

Ben C

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