[Marxism] Nader-Camejo campaign

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Tue Jun 22 06:01:03 MDT 2004

The press conference announcing Camejo's nomination is on C-Span. Look
for the video links. 

A brief summary of Camejo's announcement speech:

He started on the war. Did not call for gradual withdrawal or 6 months
or the U.N. but denounced the war straight up.

Then went on to the Patriot Act, denounced as unconstitutional.

Then went on to 2-party system, which he denounced as tools of the
corporate elite.

Tax system -- recalled his California campaign -- "fair tax" -- if the
rich paid the same % as poor in taxes, Califas budget deficit would

Oil crisis -- 1/3 of Bush tax cut would put solar on every home in

Tax cuts "So people like Arnold ca have 10 hummers instead of 7

Ralph Nader alone defends the labor movement against Taft Hartley.

He is for Living Wage. Working people have not shared in expansion of

"I am Latino.... I will campaign in defense of our community whose
actual standard of living is declining.... I am strongly against and
will campaign against three strikes...."

"I am a Green, a member of the Green Party. I'm very proud of being a
member of the Green Party."

For gay marriage rights. We need to recognize that we have had bigotry
and discrimination against gays.

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