[Marxism] The Bund and Sarcasm

mike pearn neprimerimye at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 22 11:40:13 MDT 2004

Swift reply on these two points. 

Lou wrote;- It happens more than once that Lenin's
positions on the Bund in 1902-05 are used as defenses
against someone attempting to apply the position taken

by Lenin on the national question in 1922.  Lenin's
position on the national question in fact developed
and matured with the experiences of WWI and  of
revolution, and I think the later Lenin is a better
guide (if in fact  we are using Lenin as a guide at
all).  Furthermore I'm not sure how Lenin's writings
on the Bund - an organization of Jewish
Social-Democrats (pre-WWI usage, that is, advanced
socialists) - on questions of how socialists  should
be organized, are applicable to dealing with Muslim
forces who are not socialists at all and where the
question does not deal with socialist  party

MP Well Lou I might agree with you that Lenin's later
remarks on the Bund are more interesting than those he
made circa 1902-07. But they are of more use to those
of us in working in capitalist states than remarks
made in relation to a workers state in 1922. And yes
they do have a relevance given that Respect is a party
project and the SWP too purports to be a socialist
party given that they represent an interesting
discussion of how socialists relate to and organise
among oppressed groups.

I assume that the last sentence of Mike's reply is
also sarcastic,

MP No. But this is.

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