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    As further material ont he debate over China.

    This is about the upcoming visit of Argentina's president Nestor  
Kirchner to China, not long after Brasil's president Lula has been  

    China vs. USA, that seems to be the upcoming big confrontation.

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Via NY Transfer News Collective  *  All the News that Doesn't Fit

Prensa Latina, Havana - June 22, 2004

Argentina Sets Eyes on China

By Roberto Molina

Buenos Aires, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Argentine President Nestor
Kitchener's visit to China in the upcoming week could open the Asian
nation's insatiable market to the Argentinean economy, hit by a crisis
but still with many potentialities to develop.

Kitchener's tour of China, from June 28 to July 2, has raised great
expectations in the Argentine society, in light of the government's
efforts to overcome the worst crisis of the country's history.

With 1.3 billion inhabitants and a sustainable and high economic
growth, China is one of the world's largest food consumer, while
Argentina produces large quantities of food. They are both good reasons
supporting Kitchener's trip.

At least 200 entrepreneurs and manager directors of major firms will
be included in the Argentine delegation, whose main goals are to
identify new areas of collaboration and sign agreements.

Economy, and Planning and Infrastructure ministers Roberto Lavagna
and Julio de Vido, together with three deputy ministers (Trade,
Agriculture and Tourism) and presidents of banks and the National Energy
Commission will also accompany the South American statesman.

Governors of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Jujuy, Mendoza, Chubut,
Santa Cruz, San Juan and Tierra del Fuego provinces were specially
invited by Kirchner to represent Argentina's economical and productive

Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa, who departed for Russia on Monday to
meet with his Russian counterpart Serguei Lavrov on bilateral and
international issues of common concern.

Russia also imports large food quantities, which opens new vistas for
Argentine exporters.

Therefore, it is clear that both visits complement each other and
could allow for huge economic perspectives for Buenos Aires, in
agreement with the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) efforts to find new

Argentina Predicts a 44 Percent Investment Rise this Year

Buenos Aires, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Large Argentine companies have
predicted a 44 percent increase in investments, compared to 2003, it was
revealed Tuesday.

The total number of projects announced for this year triples that of
2002. Nearly one third of new investments will be assigned to build new
factories, and about 42 percent of the total will cover the manufacture

The oil sector, with outlays worth 1.90 million dollars, will be the
second most benefited by large investments, after the manufacture

Meantime, nearly 20 percent of large projects this year will be
assigned to infrastructure works, including the transportation,
construction, and communications sectors.

But only 4 percent of investments will be used for gas supply and as
little as 3 percent for electricity generation, despite the energy
crisis affecting the country since the beginning of the year.

The iron and steel, paper, food, automobile, and trade and services
industries have also announced millionaire investments. However, the
financial sector, undergoing strong adjustments and a merger process
after the 2002 crisis, has revealed investments of only some 3 million

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