[Marxism] Barbara Epstein and the women's movement

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jun 22 18:53:44 MDT 2004

Philip Ferguson wrote:
> The questions raised by Epstein are actually far more politically
> important to get to grips with than silly accusations that it is somehow
> "male supremacist" to point out that class and ethnic differences among
> women are significant and that a chunk of women have power over working
> class men and over men of oppressed nations.

Women _as women_ have no power over anyone or anything. If they have
power it is as army officers, national security advisors, corporate
executives, _not_ as women. _As women_ they don't even have power over
their own bodies.

It's not a matter of making accusations against individuals; it's a
matter of recognizing material reality.


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