[Marxism] Turn to industry, US SWP tradition and sectarianism,

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Jun 22 18:53:29 MDT 2004

I agree with Nick...David M, you really are not familiar with the SWP position. 
Keep in mind that the SWP was in/close to/supporters of an International 
tendency that had sections of it that from 1969 to 1974 engaged in guerrila 
warefar. So for the SWP the debate was not just an intellectual one, as it was, 
to be honest, for Grant's RSL. It was real and it meant comrades dying in 
places like Argnetina and Bolivia.

Secondly, from the get go, the SWP opposed armed struggle as a strategy. It 
never advocated it. In fact, the USFI didn't advocate it either until the late 
60s. I beleive you made this comment about the SWP via-a-vis the "Re-
unification" in 1963. Cuba entered into this discussion in a big way because a 
succesful socialist revolution had occured outside of the boundries of 
traditional Stalinism (pro-Moscow or pro-Biejing) and it was this 'opening' in 
the eyes of both wings of the FI at that time that provided a common ground for 
reunification of the desparate forces of Trotskyism. Guerrila warfare was 
incidental to all this, at best, in 1963.


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