[Marxism] Turn to industry, US SWP tradition and sectarianism

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Tue Jun 22 20:53:54 MDT 2004

Nick Freeedman said:
You're confusing agreement on the class nature of the post-1960 Cuban 
state with agreement on guerilla warfare as *strategy* (rather than 
as permissible tactic, as Jose pointed out a very different thing).
These issues are intricately linked especially in the period after 1960.
Guerillaism, like armed struggle and terrorism is the antithesis of
marxist tactics. It is based on a lack of confidence and even contempt
for the working class. The guerilla warfare mindset is therefore
part of the complex class nature of the Cuban state.
Read Joseph Hanson's "Dynamics of the Cuban Revolution", containing 
article from 1960-75,  which makes it clear the the US SWP 
*critically* engaged with the Cuban revolutionaries changing views of 
the role of guerilla warfare (and other issues) through the 1960s. 
Some on this list like Walter have argued the SWP always carried 
sectarian baggage re Cuba but I've argued they did a lot better than 
other Troskyist tendencies. Hanson also wrote a substantial, 
book-length polemic against tail-ending of guerillaismo in Latin 
America by the majority of the USFI's, "The Leninist Strategy of 
Party Building", published in 1969. I'd recommend both, despite some 
heavy-duty old school Trotspeak. Those funny Pathfinder Books people 
in Surry Hills Sydney will have very expensive copies - maybe a 
Resistance Bookshop in Newcastle or Sydney will have them second-hand.
The last bit of who to buy from is an interesting one. But seeing
as the DSP seems to be in a bit of a financial pickle I might buy from them.
David Murray
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