[Marxism] On English Oppression in Britain

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Wed Jun 23 07:35:14 MDT 2004

"DoC" <donaloc at hotmail.com> wrote: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 11:31 AM
Subject: [Marxism] On English Oppression in Britain

> I am dissappointed but not surprised by the failure of Phil Ferguson to
> correctly understand the dynamics of the British state.
> He denies the fact of Welsh and Scottish (and Cornish) oppression within
> the British state as mere economism - despite the undeniable history of
> anti-Celtic oppression metered out to Cymraeg, Gaedhlig and Cernow
> speakers and to their English-speaking compatriates. These constitute
> the backbone of the oppressed nationalities within Britain and are now
> joined by oppressed groups who have come to Britain from her former
> colonies.

Yet surely that is all past history.
As I understand it Wales is bi-lingual after the style of Canada - with all
government forms, road-signs, you-name-it, listed in both languages; and
local government exployees required to beome bilingual and with substantial
preference for appointment of Welsh speakers.

I also remember that the setting up of the Welsh Assembly was delayed in
comparison with the Scottish Assembly because initially a majority of voters
in Wales votes AGAINST.

As an Englishman (in Norfolk) who loves to visit both Wales and Scotland I
am in no doubt that, in both cases, I am visiting another country, with a
different culture and history - in both cases this is obvious as soonas one
crosses the border.

But oppression - no way !!!

Comnradely greetings,

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