[Marxism] US SWP, Sandinistas and real revolutions

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jun 23 20:31:19 MDT 2004

paul bunyan wrote:

>I remember the article in Intercontinental Press (IP), put out by the
SWP on behalf of the United Secretariat Fourth Internaional, in 1979
that slammed the FSLN in Nicaragua for engaging in guerilla warfare. The
issue was publicly distributed about the same day (give or take a couple
of days either way) that FSLN troops entered Managua. It took a long
time for the SWP to live that one town. Talk about cartoon-ish antics.

The cartoonish antics were bad enough.  But it was worse than that.  If
I recall correctly, the article pretty much accused the Sandinistas of
being criminally irresponsible in frittering away the lives of young
Nicaraguans in a hopeless military offensive/adventure.

In fact, the high cost of the struggle was an inevitable consequence of
the power of the dictatorship.  There was simply no way a revolutionary
struggle could triumph without armed insurrections and guerrilla warfare
in Nicaragua and those would always cost more lives than the Sandinistas
or any of the rest of us would wish.

That article actually showed how little the US SWP leadership understood
about *actual revolutions* in the *real world*.

More recently, this total lack of comprehension of the meaning and cost
- or even the spirit - of resistance, let alone revolution, has been
manifest, or taken to its absurd but logical conclusion, in the
'Militant' with the line that a "revolutionary" organisation in Iraq
today should meekly take advantage of the supposed "civic space" opened
up by the imperialist occupation rather than be involved in messy and
difficult stuff like armed resistance.


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