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Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Jun 23 23:03:50 MDT 2004

Hi Joel -- This is Jay Moore up in Vermont.  Long time. . .  I just read your piece on "Common Dreams".  I must say that I was taken aback.  As you know, I'm not in the Green discourse these days about who should be nominated, if anybody, for President.  But, unless I'm misunderstanding the subtlety of your argument, I sure don't see how an endorsement of Kerry as the lesser of two evils advances socialist working-class revolution in this country.  Haven't we been through this all before with Nixon and McGovern, etc., etc.?  Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld et al are certainly bad items and, like Nixon's corpse, should be hung up by their heels if there is any justice in the world.  But Kerry, the VVAW Sixties apostate, Skull & Cross Bones co-member with Bush and multi-millionaire who wants to dispatch more troops to Iraq and is equally gung ho, if not more so, about Israel?  Against, unless I am mistaking something here, you seem to think that we are in some kind of equivalent period to the 1930s with the rise of fascism and the need for a Popular Front.  OK, I guess there's a case to be made for how there is some kind of qualitative difference with this presidential regime. But you're going to make to make it more strongly to convince me.  For me, it's all various epiphenoma of Late Capitalism that we're seeing.  As Marxists, we have to help the masses of people see through the mystification and discover the, yes, economic essences of what's what going on out there impacting on their lives and not spend too much of our time, if any, playing games within the bourgeois political discourse about who's better equipped -- or less nasty -- to rule over us for another four years of imperialist warfare and capitalist exploitation.  We need to be focused on building popular movements against the System and moving the discourse (and the society) radically.  At least Nader (and Camejo) will be speaking out against corporate interests. That helps to open up some space in which the more revolutionary Left can intervene with its own conclusions about what needs to be done.  Again, I just don't understand where you, as a Marxist, are coming from.  Please clarify about how this helps Revolution.

best regards,

P.S.  Are you coming up this year for B&P? Perhaps we'll be able to talk further there.

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