[Marxism] Class and race and gender

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jun 23 20:53:08 MDT 2004

Tom O'L wrote:

>I tend to agree with Phil, but I don't go as far.

Not sure about this.  I think you do go as far as me, coz I totally
agree with all the rest of what you wrote.  Namely:

>It seems to me that we need to distinguish two kinds of power. 

>Taking sexism, the real culprits are capitalism and the ruling class,
Bill Gates or the Federal Reserve don't interact directly with many
individual women. So individual women's day to day experience of
is generally that individual working class or middle class men (or maybe
groups of them) mistreat them. We need to respond to both kinds of
but in different ways.

>In the first sense, Lynddie England was just a cog in the system, but
the second she was an oppressor. The Queen is different again, because
she's an active member of the ruling class. She's an oppressor at a
level, and also as an individual.

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