[Marxism] Far Right

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Thu Jun 24 01:47:03 MDT 2004

In the early 1930s, in fact large numbers of workingclass people voted for
the Nazis, and the Nazis attracted many renegades from the socialist
movement (cf. for example Georg Jungclas, "The tragedy of the German
Proletariat", in E. Mandel (ed), Fifty Years of World Revolution 1917-1967,
NY: Merit, 1967).

The far right these days seems to be a populist movement, which doesn't have
any specific class basis, except that it appeals to people who are concerned
about the social and cultural disintegration/decay caused by reduced
government responsibilities, deregulated markets, growing unemployment and
crime, destruction of traditional social institutions, and large-scale
migration. It tries to identify and target people and groups who are thought
to be responsible for all this with "decline of civlisation" themes.

Some of the main themes in far right propaganda are: hostility to immigrants
and coloured people; concern about preserving racial and cultural purity;
concern about lawlessness, immorality and rising crime; defence of what is
perceived as national culture, national independence and national traditions
against foreigners; concern about sexual perversions and sexual decadence;
lack of confidence in the main bourgeois parties to solve any problems or
provide strong leadership; criticism of the Left and the Greens as being
ineffectual deviants; and conspiracy theories about capitalism. Because
explicit racist behaviour is illegal and punishable in most European
countries, they cannot say openly a lot of what they believe and think.

See however for example http://www.newnation.com/ . One supporter of this
site explained to me that history is not the history of class struggles, but
of racial struggles. He argued the white race was the source of all progress
in the world and had to be defended against darkies. The Belgian Vlaams Blok
party (Flemish Bloc) is highly organised and has a substantial workingclass
backing. See the site at: http://vlaamsblok.be/index.shtml .


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