[Marxism] Lenin not trotsky

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Thu Jun 24 07:10:21 MDT 2004

Someone asked about the Trotsky quote, "terrorism is reformism with guns".
It was actually a quote from Lenin:
"The present-day terrorists are really 'economists' turned inside out, going to the equally foolish but opposite extreme". 
(V. I. Lenin: "Revolutionary Adventurism in Collected Works", 
Volume 6 Moscow; 1961; p. 192)

And MK; I think the behaviour of the PCF during 1940 is more revealing. When they 
asked the Nazis for permission to publish L'Humanite in occupied Paris. 
But then again, if the DSP were put into that position, they would probably do simmilar.
David Murray

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