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Thu Jun 24 09:08:55 MDT 2004

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From: "paul bunyan" <cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com>
> Reminds me of when the National Organization of Women (NOW) in the US came
out against military veterans receiving 5 preference points on written tests
for federal jobs. Even during peace time, life in the pre-volunteer military
could hardly be considered luxurious. Nothing like the spectacle of a middle
class feminist organization resenting working class veterans getting any
kind of break.

You think the "middle class feminists" in question were going to go out and
take civil service tests and get jobs in the post office themselves, do you?

Isn't it more likely that working-class women would get the jobs?

Isn't this "break" for "working class veterans" a case of the imperialist
government trying to boost patriotism and military recruitment, while
setting veterans (more likely to be working-class men) against non-veterans
(more likely to be working-class women)?  (I mean, it's not an additional
benefit for the veteran like "veterans' health care", it's "you can get this
job instead of that person".)

Veterans of imperialist wars should get -reparations- or something, but
should they get job -preference- over other workers?

Lou Paulsen

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