[Marxism] Marxist critique of Chomsky

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Thu Jun 24 09:04:47 MDT 2004

Why do you want a Marxist critique of Chomsky ? What is your criticism ? I
personally think Chomsky's fine, he made more people think more deeply about
politics, about language and about imperialism than a heck of a lot of
others. Maybe I might quibble about this or that point of fact or particular
emphasis, I might query the validity of his theories about generative
grammars, but I think on the whole Chomsky's intellectual and political
record is outstanding and commands great respect. Why is it so important to
attack Chomsky ? There are many species of Marxisms and many Anarchisms
also, so what "a Marxist critique" of Chomsky would be is anyone's guess. It
would be more fruitful to begin with Chomsky's critique of Marxism I think,
and see what you think about that.


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