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Thu Jun 24 12:07:40 MDT 2004

Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 14, 2000
Black ex-felons and Gore

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

LOS ANGELES - For the past month the Congressional Black Caucus, the 
NAACP, and nearly every civil-rights group have loudly protested that 
thousands of blacks were "Jim Crow-ed" - turned away for various 
technical reasons - at the polls in Florida.

They charge that if their ballots had been counted, Al Gore would have 
sailed to victory in Florida - and into the White House. But even 
without those rejected black ballots, Mr. Gore still could have bagged 
thousands of black votes and taken the state, avoiding the nasty legal 
war with George W. Bush.

The winning votes could have come from disenfranchised black ex-felons. 
Florida is 1 of 9 states in which ex-felons are permanently barred from 
voting. The conservative estimate is that 1 out of 4 black men is 
excluded from the polls in Florida, including those who are currently 
incarcerated. Factoring out those now in prison, it's 1 in 7.



Democrats file anti-Nader suit
Allege that most signatures on Arizona petitions are invalid
Arizona Democrats are trying to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot.
By Tom Curry


One of the lawyers handling the suit, Andy Gordon, said that of those 
names on Nader petitions in Arizona that could be identified as 
registered voters, 46 percent were Republicans, 28 percent Democrats and 
26 percent Greens or independents.

"This is clearly an effort by the Republicans to screw up the Kerry 
campaign," Gordon said.

Gordon also charged that some of the signature gatherers used by the 
Nader campaign in Arizona were convicted felons and therefore not 
eligible to collect signatures.


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