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> The report found a clear, inverse relationship between attendance at
> Jewish day schools, and intermarriage: intermarriage drops with increased
> enrollment of children in Jewish educational facilities on a daily basis -
> and not as part of an extra-curricular program. Therefore, the countries
> which lead the world in Jewish education appeared at the bottom of the
> intermarriage list. In Israel, 97 percent of [Jewish] children are
> enrolled in a Jewish school. In South Africa and Mexico, 85 percent of
> Jewish children attend Jewish schools, in Britain 67 percent, in Australia
> 65 percent, in Argentina 60 percent, in Canada 55 percent, and in the U.S.
> 29 percent. In Russia and Ukraine, only 15 percent of Jewish children
> attend Jewish schools.

Some weeks ago, I had to go to a Jewish school in Buenos Aires.

I got almost sick when I realized that the current official trend is 
"a Jewish education that recognizes the centrality of Israel to 
Jewish life".  A friend and cde. of mine, who works at a Jewish 
institution, confirmed the "Israelization" of "Jewish life" at all 
levels, with examples which run particularly along the "children 
game" lane.  That is, children are taught, even when playing games, 
to be "good Jews first and foremost", which means to support Israel 
whatever Israel does!

No surprise that these schools are so succesful.  Yes, successful. A 
45% rate of intermarriage is a good mark for Argentina.  Rates of 
intermarriage were quite higher (don't have the figures, but I am 
sure that this would be the result, at least at a first sight survey 
by anyone around my age) among young Jews of the 60s and 70s, most of 
whom were children of the excellent Argentinean public educational 

Since the Argentinean public education system (once a model system) 
deteriorated, attendance of children to either Parish, Community 
(that is, Jewish, Armenian, etc.) or simply private schools has 
inceased among the middle class to which Argentine Jews mainly 
belong.  Again, reaction and convolution of Jews within themselves 
show to go hand in hand.  

Anyway, even under these conditions, a 45% rate of intermarriage 
makes one think that the Argentinean Jewish community still has good 
chances of either have a decent and honorable assimilation or either 
rejecting Israeli grip (this I find much more complex) and still keep 

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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