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David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Thu Jun 24 15:24:36 MDT 2004

Lou Paulson wrote:
> It wasn't adequate that the link was already posted to that?  
> Unfortunately this story is not a lot more accurate than Chuck0's.  I 
> will content myself with the observation that the author, who lives in 
> San Francisco, repeats the rumour that all our membership on the west 
> coast has resigned.  Quite untrue.  In fact we have a comrade, Leilani 
> Dowell, carrying on an active campaign for Nancy Pelosi's 
> congressional seat in San Francisco!  I guess some left journalists 
> don't have to do fact-checking, or believe in "bourgeois norms" like 
> calling the subject of your story and asking for comment.  Other than 
> that, I think my earlier response to Chuck0's story is adequate.  Lou 
> Paulsen

Lou, I'm glad Leilnai Dowell is still running against Nancy Pelosi. 
She's one District north of me so I can't cast my vote for here. 
However, now, the WWP is practically non-existent in SF. While it's 
true there are still WWP members out here, they are not few and far 
between. This represents a major defection from WWP. None of this is 
important if it were not for the importance WWP plays in term of the 
anti-war movement, which is why it's generated so much discussion on 
other lists.

I'm hoping it does not effect ANSWER in any way, and that both 'wings' 
of WWP will continue to co-operate within the parameters of ANSWER.

The new group is due to meet this weekend and form another leftist 
party of some sort, or so the Bay Area scuttle-butt goes...


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