[Marxism] Upper class women and oppression

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Jun 24 18:26:08 MDT 2004

It seems to me that the question of sexism (or racism) isn't whether
there are distinct categories of oppression different from class.
Obviously there are.  

The question is how to address these modes of oppression.  Within any
particularly oppressed group, class relations are replicated.  Those on
top in the wider society will have a disproportionate voice in
addressing what are "black issues" or "women's issues."  In its most
extreme manifestations, these concerns will fail to address the needs of
the working class majority of women or of African Americans.

In the end, I suspect that, within each of these social formations, the
only solution will be for the working class among them to assert its own
distinctive interests...which, we believe, will ultimately dovetail with
those of the working class in general.  

Socialists can encourage the various components of this process, but
can't substitute ourselves for the class and shouldn't confuse the
concerns of the vast majority of working class women with those of the
officially designated spokeswomen for gender concerns in government,
academic or other institutions.  

I'd hasten to make the same arguments on race.  It is remarkable the
extent to which white media selects the heroes and spokespeople for
black America...

So much will become clearer as you have a class going into motion. 

Mark L. 

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