[Marxism] Liberal feminism

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Jun 24 19:55:52 MDT 2004

Carroll writes:
>But without reading a single post I can assert with utter confidence of
its correctness, that to criticize, ON THIS LIST, "bourgeois feminism"
or "petty-bourgeois feminism" or "liberal feminism" is mere shadow
boxing, and is disgraceful.

I'd have some sympathy with this view *if* most of the attacks on
liberalism were on liberal feminism and went on day after day.

The reality, however, is that about 99 percent of the attacks on
liberalism on this list are on male liberals like Hitchens and on
liberalism of the ABB variety.

It is *extremely rare* for liberal feminism to be critiqued on this

So it is shadow boxing to suggest what Carroll suggests above.  You
would think there was some amount of attacks on liberal feminism day in
and day out on the list.

The odd - not disgraceful, but certainly decidedly odd - thing for me is
that some people on a Marxist list don't want *any criticism at all* of
liberal feminism on the list and regard a *tiny bit* of such criticism
as "disgraceful".

This would mean no criticism, for instance, of the liberal feminist
element within the broader war-mongering liberal brigade over

If Carroll doesn't want to ever criticise on this list the feminist wing
of the "Bomb Yugoslavia" lobby, for instance, that's fine by me.  I
won't even call his position disgraceful.  But others of us, while
devoting *the bulk* of our fire on the Hitchens types and the ABB crowd,
will still make *some* criticism of the liberal feminist element of the
imperialist camp.

Lastly, I also find it odd that in his mind it's fine for him to
criticise liberal feminism on a feminist list but not for anyone else to
*ever* criticise it on a Marxist list.  Sounds a bit like a double
standard to me.



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