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From: " Ian Pace" <ian at ianpace.com>
> The critique is not of feminism as an ideology (except to the extent that
> creates the false ideology that gender transcends class), but of the
> distortion of it in some bourgeois liberal hands.

Ian, I think you are actually quite correct here!

So then how do you end up writing the following:

>As Philip Ferguson
> rightly points out, propagating the notion that reactionary social and
> imperial policies are somehow intrinsically 'feminine' it is one of the
> powerful ideological weapons that the right wing has.  [...]
> It's precisely the unwillingness to
> challenge these sorts of ideologies, or anything with which a false
> association with 'feminism' has been made, on the part of those who agree
> with Lou Paulsen and Carroll Cox, that allows such false consciousness to
> permeate and corrupt contemporary culture.

Ian, I don't see anything that I wrote that said, or hinted, or could
reasonably be taken as implying, that when "liberal feminism" is "hideously
distorted" by the bourgeoisie into a justification for imperialism, that we
can't challenge it.  In fact I specifically wrote about making a distinction
between (unadulterated) "liberal feminism" per se (on the one hand), which I
do NOT see the necessity to "tackle head on", and the use of it as rhetoric
by apologists for war etc., which absolutely absolutely MUST be "tackled

Of course I am not for anything that ties our hands in dealing with
imperialism or in directly advancing the struggle of the workers.  If
Condoleeza Rice stands up and defends Bush's wars as anti-racist, a defense
of women's rights, etc., of course we challenge her!!   But she isn't an
example of a "liberal feminist", and her pro-war rantings are not "liberal
feminist ideology"!  You know that and I know that, so why are you writing
as if I don't know that?

Lou Paulsen

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