[Marxism] RE: Chomsky's Anti-Authoritarian Bias

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Jun 25 10:44:57 MDT 2004

Calvin Broadbent wrote:
> Hi,
> This is not quite true. Although I do take Lou's point that Chomsky tends to
> disparage any and every 'State' around, I think he has a lot more respect
> and support for socialist 'movements' than the statement below gives him
> credit for. [clip]

He supported all those movements because they were anti-imperialist.
He's been pretty indifferent to the content of national-liberation
movements. So while Chomsky's _theoretical_ position is anti-state, he
quite correctly sees that _THE_ state to oppose in the world today (and
for quite awhile) is the U.S. state. So he has no trouble "supporting"
movements that oppose u.s. domination. (In Marxist terms, he's pretty
good, given the limitations of his political and philosophical
positions, at stacking his contradictions in the right order.) Put
another way, Chomsky has never been so intent as many (shall we say
"mild") anti-imperialists in hastening to show his moral purity by
handing out carefully measured doses of praise and blame.


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