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> > But as regards misappropriation of feminism in the US, how do you feel
> about
> > the new 'progressive' face attained by the gun lobby as a result of the
> fact
> > that women are arming themselves in increasing numbers?
> >
> > Ian
> That's a complex issue, considering that we ought not to be against gun
> control anyway (in my view), and the fact that gun control is seen as a
> "liberal" issue, while opposition to gun control is seen as a "right-wing"
> issue, is really sort of a historical accident (and probably involves
> mistakes by "the left").  After all, "if guns are outlawed, only the
> police will have guns."  And certainly firearms training for women is not
> bad?  Certainly a lot of men get firearms training through the army,
> clubs, etc.
OK, but non-gun control at present surely serves the interest of the upper
and middle classes?  And the right-wing militias who would fight us to the
last?  Isn't the quaint American idea of the 'people' being armed so as to
be able fight against their 'government' if necessary a primary example of a
distorted faux-socialist ideology that really amounts to a means of
providing added armed support for the defence of private property?


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