[Marxism] Gun Control

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at comcast.net
Fri Jun 25 11:26:24 MDT 2004

> OK, but non-gun control at present surely serves the interest of the upper
> and middle classes?

Why?  You think the upper classes want to defend their property with guns in
hand?  The upper classes are trying to disarm the lower classes.

> And the right-wing militias who would fight us to the
> last?

You think the STATE is going to vigorously apply gun-control laws and go
around disarming RIGHT-WING MILITIAS??  The right-wing militias are tiny in
comparison to the armed state, and their ideology and membership overlap.  I
am sure that if the state needs to rely on right-wing militias to "fight us
to the last", they will be able to put guns in the hands of those militias
and will not be deterred by their own gun-control laws.

> Isn't the quaint American idea of the 'people' being armed so as to
> be able fight against their 'government' if necessary a primary example of
> distorted faux-socialist ideology that really amounts to a means of
> providing added armed support for the defence of private property?

I always thought this was a quaint Leninist idea :-)


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