[Marxism] Liberal feminism

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 25 11:43:02 MDT 2004

From:           	" Ian Pace" <ian at ianpace.com>

> Carrol Cox> > But without reading a single post I can assert with utter
> confidence of
> > > its correctness, that to criticize, ON THIS LIST, "bourgeois feminism"
> > > or "petty-bourgeois feminism" or "liberal feminism" is mere shadow
> > > boxing, and is disgraceful.
> > >
> > > Sexism cripples the capacity of workers (male and female, black and
> > > white) to fight effectively, either for reforms or for revolution.
> > >
> David Quarter> As far as I can see,  the criticisms made of your statement
> that
> >
> >  "Women _as women_ have no power over anyone or anything. If
> > they have
> > power it is as army officers, national security advisors, corporate
> > executives, _not_ as women. _As women_ they don't even have
> > power over
> > their own bodies."
> >
> > are valid. You have really answered them, either. Instead, you have
> > labeled (or implied that) your critics (are) sexist, male chauvinist,
> > shadow boxers and disgraceful.
> >
> > As someone with an interest in issues of power and male
> > priviledge, I really curious to know how women in positions of power
> > don't really hold power over men.
> >
> The critique is not of feminism as an ideology (except to the extent that
> creates the false ideology that gender transcends class), but of the hideous
> distortion of it in some bourgeois liberal hands.  [...]

> There is nothing sexist, male chauvinist, shadow boxing or disgraceful about
> this argument; on the contrary the failure to address these ideologies
> head-on is the biggest betrayal of working-class and poor women the world
> round.  What would suit the forces of reaction better than a generalised
> association of 'bourgeois' with 'feminine' and 'proletarian' with
> 'masculine'?
> Ian


 I'm not sure if this message (particularly the last paragraph) is 
directed primarily towards me or Carrol? In any case, if it wasn't 
obvious, I am in complete agreement with your position on 
feminism. The part in my message to Caroll about "you have really  
answered them, either" should have read: you have NOT really 
answered them, either". It was a typo. 

Obviously, I don't presume that feminism as a whole is false. I 
certainly disagree with Caroll's statement concerning women and 
power and the one quoted above also.  

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