[Marxism] Gun Control

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Fri Jun 25 14:09:26 MDT 2004

Gun control has never been, but should be, a socialist issue, in the 
same way that taxes are a right wing issue, it should be *our* issue.

And yes, in fact, we do have something in common with the right-wing 
militias, albeit it's contorted via the skewed lenses of these mostly 
racist organizations...and that is and understanding that an armed 
populace is one of the best guarantees that a people remain free [that 
least word being the most debated term, or course].

Alexander Cockburn wrote some good stuff on this back when the Oklahoma 
Federal office building was blown up.

Statistics: I read several times that there are 100,000,000 gun owners, 
or about 40% of the population. which makes this probably about 70% of 
the adult population. I think the figure is low. In just about every 
job I've had, including the one I have now, I've met only a few people 
who don't own any guns. One guy is a Mormon and other other, a women, 
is a Jehovah's Witness. Every worker I know has one, I have one, my 
neighbor has one. No one is giving them up.

Another point that the right-wing makes which is true: why ban guns 
from people who own them legally. Criminal use of guns comes about via 
the illegal purchase of guns, often smuggled in with drug shipments. In 
this sense the petty-bourgeois right wing is correct: people should 
have the right to use guns in ways that are already legal: hunting, 
sporting, and defense. That guns are a "problem" exists because of the 
illegal use of illegal guns. No gun ban in the world is going to change 
that. As an individual, I have the right to go hunting (I have), for 
target practice (I have a lot) and for home defense (I have not, 
fortunately). Jut because this is the same line of the NRA doesn't mean 
we shouldn't seize back the issue from the gun nuts.

David Walters

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