[Marxism] Some doubts from an outsider about the Nader-Camejoticket

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Fri Jun 25 20:59:07 MDT 2004

Johannes writes: "Obviously the Green Party is not a working class
party, if even does not aspire to be one. In my eyes the European
experiences of the Green  movement prove that the Greens will either
disappear or end up as an  ordinary bourgeois party backing imperialist
war and plunder."

Fortunately the Greens don't have a Democratic-centralist international.
The U.S. Green Party is a separate and distinct phenomenon from the
similarly-named outfits across the pond. As a political "brand" name it
is identified with antiwar and ecological concerns and with Nader. 

You have to remember most United Statesians haven't even *heard* of the
German Greens, pay little attention to politics unless it affects them
personally, and do not vote because there isn't any point to it.

Some 99% of elections results in the U.S. are predetermined by whatever
clique dominates local politics in a given area (there are about a half
million elected positions in the country, supposedly). That includes 95%
of the races for the federal legislature. The presidential race is
usually hotly contested but there you have a situation where one's vote
doesn't count, it is 50 state races (all but one or two winner-take-all)
to a non-existent "electoral college" and in states representing
four-fifths or more of the population the outcome is a foregone
conclusion. Assuming, of course, you even have the right to vote which
people in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, for example, do not, and
neither do many millions of immigrants and felons (a term of art in the
United States which should be translated "Black male"). And to top it
off, elections are invariably on Tuesdays when people have to work.
Given this the presidential turnout of 50% is actually the high point,
and THAT is accomplished by a concentrated saturation bombing of
pro-electoral farce propaganda for a year leading up to the election.
Most news and public affairs programming in the U.S. today is dominated
by the presidential race with *no attention whatsoever* to the sort of
issues I raise. It is literally true that the average Brit has a better
idea of how the 2000 elections were stolen in Florida than the average
Florida voter. Voter participation in many races is often in the teens
or single digits of the corresponding voting age population.

I say all this so you're not shocked when I say that Greens elsewhere on
the planet are quite irrelevant to the U.S. variety. They play no role
and have no influence. The U.S. Greens have to be addressed on their own


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