[Marxism] Correction to last posting and additional coments.

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Jun 26 02:45:11 MDT 2004

In the first paragraph of the introduction to the items from the
Militant on "Jew-hatred," I tried but failed to state that the article
appeared in the July 6 Militant (the current issue on the web.

Later in the introduction, I wrote: 
Hansen pointed out correctly that the logic of this point of view was to
say that the liberals basically WERE 	fascists without regard to the
actual situation and their actual tendencies. He noted that this was the
"logic" that the Communist International and Germany Communist Party
proclaimed the Social Democrats to be socialists and fatally opposed a
united front against Hitler. 

Of course, the CI and CP did not proclaim the Social Democrats to be
socialists but "social fascists." I leave it to readers to sort out my
grammatical errors, etc.

The Militant, of course, took no note whatever of the obvious parallels
between the debate over the role of the neoconservatives and the state
of Israel, on the one hand, and the debate over the role of the Cuban
American National Foundation and the Miami mafia in determining Cuban
policy followed by the United States.  Israel and the pro-Israel lobby
in the United States and the rightist Cuban mafia in Miami and Union
City do influence US policy, but I think their weight in determining it,
while significant, is often exaggerated.  But I do not  think this
exaggeration is proof of Jew-hatred in one case, or of Cuban-hatred in
the other.

The Militant of course, regarding themselves as the ONLY paper
expressing Marxist views in the world today, feel no need for civil
discussion or to patiently explain anything to anybody.  Pinning a label
and shutting down discussion is what is called for, in their approach.
Despite the unique and isolated position they proudly claim, they
believe the correctness of their views on all questions should be
obvious to everyone, and that all disagreement comes from racism and
reaction (the categories in which they place middle-class radicalism
and, in fact, middle-class everything and anything). 

The Militant shift toward broadside charges in all directions of
Jew-hatred is actually a political shift toward the political position
of the neoconservatives and others who, Jewish or not, use charges of
anti-Semitism to attempt to silence discussion and stifle action around
Palestine, the war in Iraq, affirmative action, and other issues.
Fred Feldman

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